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Tips to Avoid your accounts getting Hacked!!

Gmail is one of the most popular webmail services providers on the web. Millions of users use Gmail for their personal and commercial purpose. You can even send a message, share photos and communicate with your families, old friend, and your loved ones. It is the most precious things of anyone identity on the web. Many people use Gmail on regular basis and have saved all the important information in their email Inbox. Our email is connected to all of our social networking accounts, Paypal accounts, Website registration etc. It has the power to control our other accounts also so it’s necessary to completely secure your Gmail account. This article will help you to tell How to recover hacked Gmail account.

Setting a strong is password is not enough, below are some useful tips which will help you make your account completely secure:

Limit the apps

· You first need to limit the apps that have access to your personal information. When you access the app you need to provide your personal information to access by your email account. Even if you are not using the app anymore, the data is still available to them. To check the application that is connected to your Google account. Go to this link “” to check that.


· Then a web page will open that will display all the application you’ve authorized. You need to click on the Revoke access button located to the right of the app that you no longer want to use. By revoking access it will delete all the personal information from the database of the application.

· Be careful in the future from those apps that make you sign up for your Google account information, better options are also available that allows you to sign up through the Facebook. For more information, contact Gmail helps desk team by calling Gmail customer service number.


Change your password

· It’s good to change your account password every month. Don’t share your password with anyone and if you think someone has your password then change it as soon as possible.


· Don’t use the same password twice for the different account because if someone hacks your account, they will use the same password to access your other accounts.

Process to Remove Gmail Account

· Make long and complex password. Don’t use particular word or name which you can find in the dictionary as it’s easy to guess. Use the combination of symbol and alphanumeric which make it difficult to guess.


2-Step Verification

· Sign up for 2-step verification. It is an additional layer of security to protect your Gmail Account. This is necessary if you see your email on public computers.


· Whenever you log into your Gmail account from the unknown system. Google will ask you to enter a verification code that they send to your mobile via SMS or voice call.

These are some few useful tips to avoid your account get hacked by hackers. You need to be more careful when clicking on the links or downloading from an unknown source. So, don’t share your password on your email as it’s not safe. To recover your hacked account you need to reset your password. This is the best option to revive your account.


Technical Support for Gmail:

US: +1-844-773-9313

UK: +44-800-051-3717

AUS: +61-180-082-5192

Visit Here:

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